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Barristers Finder!

Welcome to Barristers - We provide information about all the Barristers in the UK.

Barristers are legal advisers and court room advocates. Barristers have the right to appear in any court within the United Kingdom. They are independent and objective and trained to advise clients on the strengths as well as the weaknesses of their case.

The Barristers listed on this site are located all over the UK with the majority being Barristers in London, Barristers in Manchester and Bristol Barristers. The Barristers listed here may deal in all areas or specific areas such as Criminal or Tax.

The listings may offer much more than listed here so be sure to contact the Barrister for further information.

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Barrister Scam E-Mails Warning


If you are getting e-mails from barristers offering you money because someone had died and they want to share money with, please ignore these e-mails. These types of e-mails are generally scam one trying to get money out of you.

If the e-mail states that they are listed with our site 'Barrister Finder' this does not generally mean they are true Barristers - Always take care when contacting people claiming to be a Barrister.

Generally if the e-mail is from a Yahoo / GMail / Hotmail address, Telephone numbers are outside of the UK and if you don't know any person involved in the e-mail it's normally a sure sign the e-mails are scam ones. A common scam e-mail at the moment is from someone claiming to work for 'MR MORGAS DAVES'. This e-mail will sign off as being listed in a Barristers Directory like ours to try and show it's real but like many others this is a scam. Our site and other barristers sites cannot stop people from claiming to be listed in a site.


Latest Barristers Reviews

* Chambers of M M Hossain review by M Uddin

My immigration matter was about Right of Abode. It was very complicated and went up to the Upper Tribunal. Finally, I won the appeal and live in the UK. My case had long history but I highly

Jan 19, 2012 - read more
* Chambers of M M Hossain review by Achute Acharya

I received the best legal services and I won the immigration appeal!

Nov 18, 2011 - read more
* khadim al'hassan review by James Stewart

Very impressive in dealing with complicated issues in a down to earth fashion. He is truly a jury advocate and is fierce in his cross examination. He is always available to have conferen

Oct 17, 2011 - read more
* Chambers of M M Hossain review by nasir khan

Mr Hossain is such a barrister who does not care about big fees but desperately helps people who faces immigration problems. I am an engineer and work as environmental officer in UK. I have

Apr 2, 2011 - read more
* Chambers of M M Hossain review by kamrul hassan

Best and honest immigration adviser I have found so far in London

Mar 14, 2011 - read more
* Chambers of M M Hossain review by S Gussi

I went to see Barrsiter Mohammed Monwar Hossain in relation to my immigration appeal matter. His services, attitude, honesty, behaviours and representation were excellent. I am grateful for

Mar 3, 2011 - read more
* Dray Chambers review by Chris Elnas

Dray Chambers is a Legal Organisation managed by Barrister Marvin Draymore who has really helped me and my Family in many ways.Should you have any Legal or Financial Troubles,do not hesitate

Oct 5, 2010 - read more
* St Johns Chambers review by David Jones

Excellent result, Barrister was helpful throughout the process and his understanding of this complex area of law helped win the case.

Apr 20, 2010 - read more
Most Viewed Barrister
Richard Lee
Neil Guest
Sussex Chambers
36 Bedford Row
Chambers of M M Hossain
18 St John Street Chambers
Bell Yard Chambers
Michael Scholes
Castle Chambers (Harrow On The Hill Barristers Chambers)
Richard Wright
King Street Barristers Chambers
Young Street Chambers
Philip Goddard
Highest Rated Barrister
Michael Scholes
Charles Garside
Kevin R Talbot
Danny Moore
Philip Goddard
Reziya Harrison
Richard Wright
Andrew Tidbury
18 St John Street Chambers
King's Bench Chambers
Stephen Garner
Dray Chambers
Adrian Francis
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